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Green Meadow Library Media Center


Student Helpers

Abby and Katelyn have been helping shelve books in the media center during recess. They have been a big help! They learned about the Dewey Decimal System and how to find books on the shelves earlier in the year. They are using what they learned to help us put books back. Thanks Abby and Katelyn!


Online Safety

The fourth and fifth graders at Green Meadow have been learning about online safety. They discussed what they would do in certain situations. They learned that they should always check with an adult if they are not sure what to do. They also learned about the rules for online safety, such as not giving out personal information.
The students also found out that not everything they see on the internet is true. They looked at the tree octopus website and found out that although it looks real, the information on the website is not real.
Check out the tree octopus website! http://zapatopi.net/treeoctopus/

The fourth graders made posters so other students at Green Meadow could learn about the rules for online safety.


Kindergarteners in the Computer Lab

We learn how to read on www.starfall.com


First Grade Power Points

The first graders at Green Meadow learned how to make power point presentations. They created slides about the types of animals they have been learning about. This was a great opportunity for them to integrate technology into the curriculum. The families of the first graders and the fourth grade class came to see the power points on May 15th. Great job with your power point presentations first graders!


Weather Activity

Fifth graders at Green Meadow is participating in a weather project with their e pals in Sherrills Ford, North Carolina and with a school in Toyko, Japan. Students go to the link below each day to record the weather in their city. This data will be posted to a database which will later be used to create graphs and charts to compare the weather patterns in all three cities. We are excited to participate in this fun project with our e pals!



UWO Training Consultant

Our UW-Oshkosh training consultant, Melissa Barlow, is familiar with the applications we use in our district. Knowing the specifics of our computer programs enables her to teach our teachers on a one-on-one basis. In addition, Miss Barlow has been able to assist classes in the lab when questions arise.

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